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Rental Stage LED Display

1. The rental stage LED display allows simple installation and disassembly, while its cost is relatively low. As a result, it usually serves as the stage background of a studio or a grand performance to offer colorful images.

2. Our product is able to reveal exquisite pictures that are true to life, thus creating a fantastic stage effect.

3. Thanks to the professional audio/video processing system, various kinds of signals can be processed in a reliable way, thereby making it possible to show HD images on the screen.

4. Two computers are in control of one LED display together. If one computer crushes, the left one will take control automatically to maintain regular running.

5. Owing to the above properties, this product is commonly seen in fashion show, evening party, high-end discotheque, outdoor advertising signboard, curtain walls of a mansion, etc.

System Composition

  • Control computer
  • Mobile Electric box
  • Video Matrix
  • Mobile control case
  • Video processor
  • Amplifier
  • Flight case
  • Software
  • Louder speaker

Schematic Diagram