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Sports LED Display

1. The sports LED display adopts unique design to make the cabinet tilt within 75-90 degrees. So, every audience can see the images clearly.

2. The soft cover and the coated soft material offer perfect protections for the display and athletes.

3. The optical fiber transmission system effectively cuts down signal delay that is caused by long transmission distance. Hence, consistent pictures are provided.

4. The dual-cable hot standby function guarantees that our LED display will work normally in most cases. This function means two computers are in control of one display simultaneously, and one computer will take charge when the other one fails.

5. Our product has a protection level of IP65, so it is able to deliver satisfying performance even when it is raining.

6. The installed professional software realizes many functions, such as score management, game recap, advertisement display, program list editing, etc.

7. The refresh rate could reach up to 4800Hz, thus allowing dynamic shot and avoiding twinkling problem.

System Composition

  • Control computer
  • Mobile Electric box
  • Mobile control case
  • Video processor
  • Fiber converter
  • Flight case
  • Software

Schematic Diagram