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Mobile LED Display

1. The mobile LED display is a super slim product, and it can be installed or disassembled in an extremely simple way.

2. Our product has an IP rating of IP65, and this makes it applicable even in rainy days.

3. This LED display is usually mounted on vehicles, and we use aluminum alloy to fabricate the cabinet. So, the cabinet is very light, and it only adds a little weight to the vehicle. Accordingly, the vehicle’s speed won’t be affected too much.

3. Thanks to the application of high quality cooling fans, noise pollution is avoided when working. Moreover, the alleyway ventilation design cuts down the quantity of cooling fan.

4. The vehicle, a trailer for example, generates static electricity easily, and this is very common especially in autumn. Considering this, our unique anti-static system is adopted to provide protections for LED lamps and driver IC.

5. Due to the wide-voltage design, our product is well protected from being damaged by the high pulse voltage when the trailer starts, brakes or stops.

System Composition

  • Control computer
  • Mobile Electric box
  • Video Matrix
  • Mobile control case
  • Video processor
  • Amplifier
  • Flight case
  • Software
  • Louder speaker

Schematic Diagram