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Advertising LED Display

1. The advertising LED display has a light sensitive control system which could automatically adjust the LED brightness according to ambient conditions. So, energy saving and environmentally friendly running is achieved, and the operation cost is cut down significantly.

2. The high refresh rate and high gray scale ensure vivid image output, thus satisfying commercial applications.

3. The content showed on the LED display could be changed freely.

4. The dual-cable hot standby function means two computers control one display at the same time, and one computer will be in charge automatically if the other one breaks down. So, normal running is expectable.

5. The highly efficient optical fiber transmission system reduces signal delay phenomenon that is resulted from long transmission distance, thereby ensuring the consistency of the image.

6. All the information that is revealed on the screen could be controlled remotely, indicating that simple clicks on the mouse will be enough when different images are needed.

7. Network control is available. This function makes it possible to control LED displays installed in several cities while the operator just sits in one room.

8. With the help of the environment monitoring system, operators could clearly know the working status of displays at any time and at any place.

9. Due to the multi-function card, the LED display can be switched on/off at a fixed time by the software, or at any time manually. In this way, unattended running is truly realized, and this function is very trustworthy.

System Composition

  • Control computer
  • Electric box
  • Video Matrix
  • Wood case
  • Video processor
  • Amplifier
  • Lightning protection
  • Software
  • Column louder speaker
  • Splicer

Schematic Diagram