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Traffic and 3G LED Displays

1. The traffic and 3G LED displays use a microcomputer and an embedded system to achieve swift control. The microcomputer is an industrial personal computer, while the fan-free, all aluminum alloy constructed and high temperature resisting embedded system is especially designed for large LED display equipment.

2. The automatic monitoring system takes a PLC as the intelligent control unit, and monitoring sensors are also equipped. As a result, the ambient condition is detected, and real-time control is realized when anomaly occurs. Moreover, remote control is also available if a computer is used.

3. The intelligent control system makes all-weather unattended running come true, because of its complete functions, including automatic processing and displaying of road condition, automatic monitoring and alarming of working status, automatic adjustment of LED brightness, humidity and temperature, etc.

4. The power supply and entire system has a standby system. If any failure takes place, this LED display could be switched to the standby system automatically or manually to provide regular performance.

5. The cabinet adopts double-layer rear-cover structure. The front has a protection level of IP67 or higher, while IP 65 or higher is realized for the back. In addition, the brightness could be over 10000 cd/m2. Thus, traffic information is still delivered to drivers in rainy or foggy days.

System Composition

  • Server
  • Asynchronous control card
  • Electric box
  • Wood box
  • 3G router
  • Software

Schematic Diagram