Traffic and 3G LED Displays

Our traffic and 3G LED displays have been successfully used in Turkmenistan and other countries in southeast Asia, and they are highly appreciated by customers.

1. These products are scientifically designed according to the requirements of outdoor use. For example, the LED brightness is 6500 cd/m2 or even higher, and the protection level is IP65, thus offering traffic information to drivers even in rainy or foggy days. In addition, our products are CE and RoHS certificated.
2. The built-in wireless data transmission module helps to display real-time data with the help of GPRS/3G.
3. The intelligent control system realizes many useful functions, such as automatic brightness control, automatic processing and displaying of road condition, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity, automatic monitoring and alarming of working status, etc. Thus, all-weather unattended operation is expectable.
4. The traffic and 3G LED displays make use of embedded lightning protection devices to protect them from being destroyed by lightning strokes.
5. The light sensitive control system could automatically adjust the LED brightness on the basis of ambient condition to realize energy saving and environmentally friendly running. In this way, the operation cost is cut down to a large extent while the overall performance is still satisfying.

Aside from traffic and 3G LED displays, we can also provide worldwide customers with advertising LED display, sports LED display, rental and stage LED displays. Installation guidance or even total solution is available. Moreover, we are seeking distributors in the USA and Europe. If you are interested in this or need more information, please feel free to contact with us, and we will give a fast response within 24 hours.

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