3G Wireless LED Display

The 3G wireless LED display is usually mounted along arterial roads of a city to play images or video advertisements.

1. Depending on the screen size and viewing distance, the pixel pitch can be selected from 8mm to 10mm.a
2. The dual-cable hot standby function is realized, indicating that there are two computers that control one display at the same time. Under the condition that one computer fails, the other one will take charge automatically to deliver regular performance.
3. The embedded wireless data transmission module is designed to reveal real-time data via 3G communication.
4. The front side and back side of the cabinet have protection levels of IP65 and IP43, respectively. Hence, the 3G wireless LED display works well when it is raining outside.
5. The light sensitive control system could adjust the LED brightness automatically according to lighting conditions. As a result, the operation cost is reduced without affecting overall performance.

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