Floor LED Display

1. The Rf-S series floor LED display has a resin cover, and the cover is characterized by its outstanding abrasion resistance. So, people can walk on the screen directly. Moreover, through professional structural design, our product is blessed with high load-bearing capacity. As proved by relevant tests, a pressure of 1.5T/m2 won't damage our product, so even a car can drive on it.
2. The entire closed structure ensures a protection level of IP65, so it is waterproof and dustproof.
3. The pixel pitch has two options, 10mm and 16mm. This parameter should be determined according to the screen size and viewing distance.
4. The modular design makes it very easy to install or maintain our floor LED display. When a single cabinet breaks down, you can take down and replace this specific one without dismounting other parts, thus greatly facilitating your work under emergency situation.
5. The viewing angle is as large as 120 degrees, so people will receive clear pictures under most conditions. Moreover, this wide viewing angle ensures that a video camera will capture images as always even if the camera angle is small.
6. The professional heat dissipation channel effectively transfers heat from our floor LED display to the ambient environment, thus protecting our product from being influenced by heat.
7. Our product makes use of virtualization software and interactive software to make the images close to true scenes.

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