Outdoor Rental LED Display

The outdoor rental LED display mainly covers two series, Ro-D and Ri-S. It makes use of die-cast aluminum to fabricate the cabinet, and this material possesses high mechanical strength though it is very light. The LED modules and cabinets adopt standard design, and one screen can be applied to reveal different images at the same time, avoiding assembly problems caused by the difference of cabinet size.

1. Our product is primarily used as the stage background of outdoor activities.
2. The pixel pitch varies from 6mm to 10mm, and this factor should be determined by screen size and viewing distance.
3. Under most conditions, when the screen is working, a professional audiovisual system is used to ensure high quality input signals and output images.
4. The front and back sides of the cabinet have different protection levels, IP65 and IP43, respectively. So, this outdoor rental LED display will work normally even when it is raining.
5. The high refresh rate and high gray scale make sure that clear and vivid images are delivered, and the buckles on the cabinet help to realize convenient assembly and disassembly.

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