Indoor Rental LED Display

Our indoor rental LED display is the perfect choice if you are looking for such a product. It is manufactured by some advanced automatic equipment on the basis of state-of-the-art processing techniques, so stable and reliable product quality is ensured.

This product is divided into 4 series which are Ri-D, Ri-M, Ri-T and Ri-500, and it could be further classified into 12 models. These four series adopt various aluminum alloys and appearance designs to best meet every customer's requirements.

1. This indoor rental LED display usually serves as the stage background, and it can be used to broadcast programs in studios as well.
2. Depending on the screen size and viewing distance, the pixel pitch should be selected within 3.9mm-7.81mm.
3. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles reach up to 120 degrees. So, audiences could see the images very clearly under regular conditions.
4. There is no flexible flat cable inside the cabinet. As a result, the production efficiency and stability of the screen is improved.
5. Due to the high refresh rate and high gray scale, the images are fine and clear enough for viewers, while excellent animation is also expectable.
6. The indoor rental LED display adopts aluminum cabinet with ultra slim design, and it is equipped with buckles to realize fast assembly and disassembly.

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