SMD Advertising Outdoor LED Display

The SMD advertising outdoor LED display, with super fine picture and ultra wide viewing angle, is a revolutionary product in the outdoor LED display industry. Its core part is the integrated 3in1 SMD full color LED block module which is different from that for conventional full color DIP LED displays. The most popular models are Ao-S6 (P6), Ao-S8 (P8) and Ao-S10 (P10), and these products are well sold in the USA, Russia, Brazil, etc.

1. For the cabinet, the front and back sides are IP65 and IP43 rated respectively, so it is applicable under a variety of outdoor situations. Moreover, due to the superb resistance to moisture and corrosion, it can deliver normal performance even mounted near the sea.
2. The dot correction technique maintains brightness uniformity and color consistency of all modules including newly-replaced ones.
3. All the models of this outdoor LED display will receive color temperature adjustment after they are fabricated, and the deviation for one screen is very small (less than 100K). Thus, good color consistency is guaranteed. In addition, the device involved in this step is a professional digital spectrocolorimeter.
4. The three primary colors, namely red, green and blue, are mixed together within one pixel. Moreover, the reflective cavity is scientifically designed and the LED chips are reasonably arranged. In this way, uniformly mixed color is generated, and grainy images are avoided. However, for the DIP LED display, the same effect can be gained only when people are some distance away from the screen.
5. Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 120 degrees, and color cast won’t take place when within the maximum viewing angle.
6. The high quality LED chips enhance color mixing effect within one pixel to reduce the area occupied by the reflective cavity, thereby improving the contrast ratio.
7. This outdoor LED display is universally applied in outdoor places, such as stadiums, squares, airports, stations, wharfs, schools, shopping malls, etc.

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