DIP Advertising Outdoor LED Display

The DIP advertising outdoor LED display is especially designed to work at severe outdoor environment due to its remarkable properties listed below.

1. The LED brightness is adjustable and can be set at 8000cd/m2 at the most. So, the images and texts are still clear when exposed to the sun directly.
2. The high quality LED chips ensure big viewing angle, good antistatic property, small brightness decay and excellent stability.
3. The advertising outdoor LED display is able to deliver regular performance when the ambient temperature is within -40℃~+60℃, and it shows excellent resistance to moisture and corrosion. As a result, this product will work well at different places around the world, even by the sea where the air has high humidity and salinity.
4. The cabinet adopts standard design to make it applicable for displays with diverse pixel densities. Hence, the installation process could be finished in a more convenient way.
5. The waterproof and dustproof cabinet has a protection level of IP65. So, it could work normally outdoors all day long.
6. Centralized control is realized via wired or wireless method, and monitoring center is responsible for several advertising outdoor LED displays. The monitoring item also includes smoke, heat and humidity.
7. The video control system is outfitted with a standby system which will be put into effect when failure occurs. Moreover, relevant repair components are also supplied to facilitate after-sales maintenance.

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