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TH4 HDMI LED Display

1. For our TH4 HDMI LED display, the operator just needs to set parameters for one cabinet, and the other cabinets will be set automatically.

2. All the cabinets are equipped with tool-free fast locks, and our hanging bracket or hanging beam facilitates the assembly process. So, both time and money are saved, and this is very meaningful for grand performance.

3. The cabinet and locking system are integrated together to give our product a clean and elegant appearance.

4. The direct HDMI, minimal display configuration, intelligent and automatic installation make it very simple to set up the screen for any stage and under any working environment.

5. Our HDMI LED display allows flexible use because any cabinet can be easily assembled into displays with different shape and size.

6. The power cords and signal cables are short and can be tailored to fit for various applications. So, the installation site won’t be a mess.

7. The lightweight and well-balanced cabinets are outfitted with durable handles and locking system, so convenient operation is realized.

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